Flood & Fire Restoration

Water Mitigation

Most homeowners think of damage from water as something that occurs from floods and other natural disasters. Unfortunately, most damage is due to water from inside the home. It can come in the form of a roof leak, burst pipe, malfunctioning appliances such as a dishwasher or washing machine, or even a fish aquarium. We offer leak detection services if the source is unknown.If you have a flood it is important to have a professional extract the water and do the dry-out to minimize damage to your property. If the structural dry-out process is not done completely and correctly, mold and mildew will grow. All American Water Restoration uses commercial water extraction equipment, industrial fans and dehumidifiers.We use thermal imaging to make sure the water is completely dry from under the flooring, behind baseboards, and inside the walls.

Fire & Smoke Damage

When a fire occurs, heat and smoke can send carcinogens into the air and porous household items and building materials.Smoke can permeate areas of your home that was not affected by the fire. With quick intervention, many building materials that would otherwise require demolition can be preserved. The removal of smoke and odor is a very complex process and should only be done by those with the proper training. Our team is highly trained in assessment of salvageable materials, encapsulation, and ozone treatments.Integrity Maintenance Professionals takes a personal approach to the clean up and repair of your fire damaged home.