Exterior Painting

Why our process works

We are the ONLY company in USA that guarantees it's paint coating for 20 years in any climate. We are able to do this because we clean the surface first. Most companies paint over what ever is existing, but we steam clean every surface first, removing all loose debris, moss, algae and fungus growing within the surface. The "paint" that we apply is a special coating that we developed with a local company that we stand behind for a 20 year warranty. Imagine painting a pile of dirt, as soon as the dirt is disturbed the paint would crack and fall apart. This is what happens if you do not clean the surface you intend to paint. 

How our guarantee works

We have been around for over 2 decades, and have never had a complaint. All of our coatings come with a 20 year warranty against cracking chipping and peeling.